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  • JobKeeper payment enrolments now open

    14 May 2020

    If you and your employees meet the eligibility criteria for the JobKeeper payment, you can enrol for the JobKeeper payment through:

    • ATO online services for individuals and sole traders accessed through your myGov account (sole traders only)
    • business Portal using your myGov ID
    • your registered tax professional.

    If you have employees you need to:

    • ask them to complete the JobKeeper employee nomination notice and return it to you
    • continue to pay at least $1,500 to each eligible employee per JobKeeper fortnight (the first JobKeeper fortnight is 30 March 2020 to 12 April 2020)  
      • for the first two fortnights, we will accept payment for each fortnight provided it is paid by 8 May 2020. If you do not pay your staff by this date, you will not be able to claim JobKeeper for the first two fortnights.

    JobKeeper payment enrolments are open until the end of May 2020 if you want to be reimbursed for wages paid to eligible employees in April and May.

    You can read our answers to the top call centre questions about JobKeeper.

    Remember, tax professionals can help you with your tax.

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