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    15 August 2017

    The Seasonal Work Incentives Trial is here to help businesses in the horticultural industry meet their seasonal labour demands.

    Jobactive, Transition to Work and Disability Employment Services will be working closely with growers and the workers, to understand what growers need and get the right person for the job. Growers offering seasonal, short term employment in the horticultural industry, which can include picking and packing fruit, nuts or other crops in rural or regional Australia, are encouraged to take part in the trial.

    The two year trial offers financial incentives to support people take up short term seasonal work of up to six weeks. Additional allowances are also available if the work is located more than 120 km from their home.

    What to do

    To find out more, contact your nearest employment services provider to discuss your labour needs and check if your work qualifies for the trial. Employment services providers are located across Australia.

    Next steps:

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