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    12 July 2019

    As an employer, withholding tax from your employee's payments will be one of the most important things you do as it allows them to meet their end-of-year tax liabilities.

    Once you've registered for PAYG withholding, you'll need to work out the amount you need to withhold from the information provided by your employee on their:

    • Tax file number declaration (or any other subsequent withholding variation agreement or declaration)
    • online commencement forms through myGov if your software is enabled for Single Touch Payroll.

    To help you work out how much to withhold:

    • use or download our tax tables, or
    • use the tax withheld calculators.

    We keep our online tax tables and calculators up-to-date so you can be certain you're withholding the right amounts for each of your employees. If you use payroll software, you should check with your provider for updates.

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