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  • When is it a fringe benefit?


    10 March 2021

    It's time to review your fringe benefits for the year.

    The fringe benefits tax (FBT) year ends on 31 March. That means it's time to review benefits you've provided to your employees for the last 12 months and work out which benefits attract FBT.

    You need to lodge your FBT return by 21 May 2021. This date may differ if you lodge through a tax agent.

    Examples of fringe benefits include:

    • private use of work cars
    • entertainment (e.g. concert tickets)
    • reimbursement of employees' expenses (e.g. school fees)
    • salary sacrifice arrangements.

    Over past year there have been many changes and restrictions due to COVID. To adapt, you may have provided your employees different benefits to those you usually provide, and these may be exempt from FBT.

    Generally, you do not need to pay FBT for:

    • items provided to employees to enable them to work from home (e.g. laptop or portable device)
    • emergency accommodation, food and transport
    • emergency health care.

    The minor benefits exemption may also apply for minor, infrequent and irregular benefits under $300.

    Find out more about when it is (and isn't) a fringe benefit on our website.

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