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  • 'Butting out' the illicit tobacco trade

    7 April 2021

    The sale of black-market tobacco products cost the community approximately $822 million in lost excise revenue in 2018–19. This money could have been used to fund essential community services.

    We're working hard to 'butt out' the illicit tobacco trade in Australia. In recent weeks, we have seized and destroyed 107 acres of illicit tobacco crops, with a potential excise value of more than $84 million.

    These search warrant operations showcase our commitment to spotting and stopping illicit tobacco growing operations. We're removing illicit tobacco from our communities before it reaches retail supply.

    You can help us prevent those businesses involved in illegal tobacco from gaining an unfair advantage.

    Unlicensed possession, manufacturing or production of tobacco products, including tobacco leaf and plant matter is illegal. Often those who are involved in black market tobacco are part of organised crime syndicates; they are not honest business owners.

    Play your part in protecting our community by keeping clear of this illegal activity. You can help us prevent those businesses involved from gaining an unfair advantage by reporting your concerns or suspicions to us.

    When making a tip-off, the more information you can provide, the better. Let's work together to protect honest businesses and the community.

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    • Report your concerns about illegal tobacco activity by making a tip-off online or phoning 1800 060 062

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