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  • Do you claim GST credits?

    Do you claim GST credits?

    2 November 2015

    Claiming the amount of GST credits that you are entitled to is one way to help manage your business cash flow.

    To make sure you are eligible and can claim your GST credits:

    • you and your supplier must be registered for GST
    • check your supplier has a valid ABN and
    • ensure you hold a valid tax invoice when you make your claim.

    You can check a tax invoice is valid by:

    • making sure the supplier’s ABN is correct and they are registered for GST
    • ensuring no key details are missing, such as the date of issue.

    You can check if a supplier is registered for GST by using the ABN Lookup tool on the:

    • Australian Business Register website, or
    • ATO app.

    Simply enter your supplier’s ABN and the results will show if their business is registered for GST.

    Check that your suppliers are giving you valid tax invoices to make sure you don’t miss out on GST credits you’re entitled to.

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