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  • Affected by Cyclone Debbie or ex-Cyclone Debbie?

    Affected by Cyclone Debbie or ex-Cyclone Debbie?

    10 April 2017

    If your business has been affected by Cyclone Debbie or ex-Cyclone Debbie we understand that you have more things to worry about than your tax obligations.

    We’ll give you time to deal with your immediate problems first, and we can help you sort out your tax affairs later.

    For people in highly impacted regions, automatic deferrals are now in place for upcoming lodgment and payment dates:

    • monthly activity statements due 21 April deferred to 21 May 2017
    • quarterly activity statements due 28 April 2017 deferred to 28 May 2017
    • income tax returns due 31 March 2017 deferred to 30 April 2017.

    If you have employees, you still need to meet your ongoing super guarantee obligations by 28 April 2017.

    We're also offering a range of support measures, including:

    • tailored repayment arrangements
    • remission of interest where appropriate
    • interest-free repayment arrangements for eligible small businesses.

    Check our Natural disasters webpage to see if your region has been identified as highly impacted - further postcodes may be added.

    We may be able to assist you with reconstructing your tax records if they have been lost or damaged. If you are affected by this disaster and you need further assistance, or your business is affected but is outside the postcodes listed, phone us on 1800 806 218.

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