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  • Are you a sole trader?

    1 December 2016

    If you're a sole trader, you can now enrol your voiceprint and use your voice to verify your identity using the ATO app. This makes logging in to manage your BAS and PAYG instalments through our Online services faster and easier than ever before.

    Using your voiceprint saves you time, with:

    • a quick and easy spoken phrase to log in
    • no need to type your myGov login details into the app
    • no more security questions when you phone us.

    Enrolling your voiceprint is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

    1. Download the latest version of the ATO app
    2. Select ‘Individuals’
    3. Go to Online services
    4. Log into your myGov account
    5. Follow the prompts.

    The next time you log into our Online services for individuals and sole traders via the app or phone us, you simply speak a phrase to verify your identity using your voice.

    Voice authentication is a secure way to protect your information. We analyse up to 120 characteristics such as pitch and tone when we verify a voiceprint – so it works even if you have a cold.

    Download the ATO app and enrol your voiceprint today.

    Next step:

    • The ATO app is available from Google Play, the Windows Phone Store or the Apple App Store.

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