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  • Are you using a point of sale system?

    9 December 2021

    Point of sale (POS) systems are sophisticated these days – they can help you manage sales, inventory, customers and even employees.

    Unfortunately, some POS systems may also have an electronic sales suppression tool (ESST) attached to them. An ESST can be used to manipulate records and under-report sales.

    While most people try to do the right thing, some people use an ESST to under-report their income. ESSTs are illegal.

    We have seen these tools appear in multiple forms:

    • hardware connected to the point of sale system
    • cloud-based software
    • inbuilt software programs.

    If you suspect a person has any involvement with an ESST, you can report it to us. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

    We understand that under reporting sales might be a temptation, but it’s just not worth the risk. We will continue to support honest businesses by applying the law to maintain a level playing field.

    Our website can help you work out if a tool is considered an ESST and what you need to do if your POS system has an ESST.

    If you have had any involvement with an ESST come to us first, before we initiate contact with you. You can email our ESST team at any time.

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