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    2 July 2019

    Running a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and most people genuinely try to do the right thing. Businesses that don't do the right thing can gain an unfair competitive advantage.

    The Tax Integrity Centre launched on 1 July as a single point of contact so you can easily report:

    • phoenix activity (a new company is created after deliberately liquidating to avoid paying debts such as taxes, creditors and employee entitlements)
    • tax evasion
    • black economy activity (such as not declaring all income or paying employees cash in hand).

    Black economy activities are unfair and affect businesses, workers and the community. Imagine if:

    • a business owes you money and then liquidates, only to be 'reborn' shortly after
    • a competitor undercuts you by offering lower prices because they're not meeting all their tax and super obligations.

    Everyone needs to play fair and meet their obligations. If you think (or know) something is going on that isn't quite right, visit the Tax Integrity Centre and make a tip-off – we all have a role to play.

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