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  • Driving passengers for a fare?

    20 November 2018

    If you're going to provide ride-sourcing services, it's important to know your tax obligations before you start.

    Ride-sourcing is treated the same as taxi travel for GST purposes, so you'll need to get an ABN and register for GST, regardless of how much you earn.

    You can register for an ABN and GST online together, or your registered tax or BAS agent can do it for you.

    When applying for an ABN:

    • type ‘taxi ride sourcing’ as your business description
    • select 'taxi driver (except owner/operator)' or 'taxi cab service'.

    You will also need to:

    • pay GST on the full fare
    • lodge business activity statements
    • include earnings in your tax return
    • keep accurate records to claim business deductions.

    Remember, registered tax agents and BAS agents can help you with your tax if you need assistance.

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