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  • Farewell Business Portal, make the switch today

    13 May 2021

    If you've been using the Business Portal, it's now time to get to know our new service.

    The Business Portal is retiring, so make the switch to Online services for business today. This new service is streamlined and intuitive. You can access it on multiple devices, including smart devices like your phone or tablet at a time that's convenient for you.

    One user who is already enjoying the added functionality said 'I liked the fact that I could switch from one ABN account to another without having to re-login. It makes my job a lot quicker'.

    Another benefit is that Online services for business makes it easier for you to manage payments without the need to contact us. Payment plans are simple to create. You can use the payment plan estimator to work out a manageable payment plan that works for you.

    To start using Online services for business, log in with your myGovID as you did for the Business Portal.

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