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  • Have your say…get some pay

     Have your say...get some pay

    17 July 2015

    Our Small business consultation panel is a group of small business people like you who help us see issues from their perspective.

    Panel members provide their important practical business and industry experience. You’re not locked into a regular commitment like monthly meetings as we have a range of activities including focus groups, phone interviews and face to face workshops.

    We’re inviting people who have experience in running a small business to join the panel.

    Five awesome reasons for you to join the panel:

    • it’s quick and easy to apply
    • no special skills required
    • you’ll be paid to share your experiences – that’s right, the ATO pays you!
    • you don’t need to do anything if it’s not convenient or doesn’t suit you
    • you’ll help make the tax and superannuation systems simpler for small business.

    Current panel members include: café owners, plumbers, floor layers, lawyers, florists, writers and editors, locksmiths, furniture repairers, engineers, architects and many other people from a variety of locations and backgrounds. We also have some bakers, but no butchers or candlestick makers.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to tell it like it is. We want to add YOU to the panel.

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