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  • How to protect your small business from criminals


    8 September 2021

    Can you spot a financial criminal? Do you know how to protect your small business from serious financial crime?

    Knowing how to spot serious financial criminals could help protect you and your business.

    While ‘hardcore' criminals might be easy to spot, other criminals like the ‘lieutenant’ and ‘the enabler’ might not be. They could be customers who pay in cash or business associates with a sudden increase in wealth (such as boats, cars, homes or jewellery).

    The Serious Financial Crime Taskforce has released an Identikit to help you better understand how serious financial crime affects the community, the kinds of criminals involved and warning signs to look out for.

    The Identikit includes:

    • a series of criminal ‘personas’, how they can be spotted and what to do if you see something suspicious
    • a checklist of key warning signs
    • tips for protecting yourself and your business from cybercrime.

    If you recognise any of the signs of serious financial crime or see anything that doesn’t seem right, report it to the ATO.

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