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  • Is health and safety part of your culture at work?


    11 October 2021

    This year’s National Safe Work Month theme - 'think safe. work safe. be safe' - encourages small businesses to make work health and safety part of their culture.

    A safe and healthy workplace is more easily achieved when everyone is involved in identifying risks to health and safety. Talk openly with your workers about health and safety concerns and find solutions together.

    Talking to your workers about work health and safety can:

    • improve your decision-making about health and safety matters
    • help raise awareness about health and safety risks in your workplace
    • contribute to positive working relationships
    • encourage issues to be raised early
    • reduce the incidence of workplace injuries.

    Whether you're working in an office, on site or from home, have a safety chat over a cuppa today and commit to a healthier and safer workplace.

    The National Safe Work Month campaign kit provides resources you can use to promote health and safety in your workplace.

    Next step:

    • Have a safety chat over a cuppa

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