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    21 September 2017

    Would you like to know how your business is performing compared to others in your industry? Check out our small business benchmarks.

    Our benchmarks use information from tax returns and activity statements collected from over 1.4 million small businesses for over 100 industries. Where you stand compared to the industry benchmark will help you see if your business has any areas that can be improved. If you are outside the benchmarks, we have some information on what you may be able to do to improve.

    The easiest way to calculate your benchmark is through the business performance check tool in the ATO app. Just gather the information you need, enter the figures into the tool, and it will do all the calculations for you.

    Information you need will include:

    • gross business income
    • expenses
    • cost of sales.

    When calculating your benchmarks, remember to include any trading stock you might’ve used for private purposes as this can affect the accuracy of your benchmarks.

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