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  • Is your business scam safe?

    30 May 2018

    Story: You get a phone call. The caller says they’re from the ATO. They want you to pay a debt (which you know nothing about), or are asking for your personal details.

    But it doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe the caller:

    • is aggressive
    • threatens that if you don’t pay you will be arrested and sent to jail
    • tries to make you call another number outside normal business hours.

    With tax time approaching, it is a timely reminder to be aware of scams. Next time you pick up the phone or receive an email, take a moment and ask yourself, “Is this for real?"

    What can you do to keep your business information safe?

    We’ve developed a list of top cyber security tips to help keep your business, staff and client information safe, such as:

    • ensure your passwords are strong and secure
    • remove system access from people who no longer need it
    • ensure all devices have the latest available security updates.

    Help us increase awareness around scams. Share your scam stories by using the hashtag #IsthisForReal.

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