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  • Make your ABN details… even more detailed!

    23 December 2021  

    You can now include up to 4 additional business activities when you update your ABN details. This is in addition to the main business activity currently stored.

    Recent events have highlighted the importance of capturing accurate business information. It helps government agencies to provide business with appropriate support and access to stimulus measures. Adding additional business activities, and their related Australian and New Zealand Industry Classification (ANZSIC) code, means your ABN will reflect the full range of operations your business undertakes. 

    For example: Julie owns a café which includes a bookstore and accommodation in an apartment upstairs. She also offers catering services for private functions. Previously, Julie had her main business activity listed as Cafe operation (45110). The new ANZSIC code feature enables Julie’s ABN to provide a wholistic picture of her business by including:  

    • Bed and breakfast operation (ANZSIC:44000) 
    • Book retailing (ANZSIC:42442)
    • Catering services (ANZSIC:45130). 

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