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  • Need to update your myGovID email address?

    7 May 2021

    You can now update your email address in the latest version of the myGovID app.

    Using a current email address in the myGovID app is important as you need access to this mailbox when setting up your myGovID again, for example if you get a new phone.

    To update your email, you don't need access to your original email address as long as you still have access to your myGovID app.

    Check that you're using the latest version of the myGovID app on all your devices before updating your email. To update your email, go to 'My identity' in your myGovID app.

    If you no longer have access to your myGovID app and original email address, contact us for assistance. Don’t set up your myGovID again using a different email address as this could lock your myGovID app.

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