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  • New year, new habits

    Are you keeping the right records for your business? The new year is a great time to check.

    Our record keeping evaluation tool only takes about five minutes to use and helps you assess how well you’re keeping your business records.

    Simply choose what applies to your business and the kind of records you keep, and you’ll get a report based on the information you’ve provided. We can't access the information – so only you will see if you’re doing well or if there’s room for improvement.

    Remember the rules of good record keeping:

    • keep all records that are relevant to your business’s tax and super affairs
    • safely store your records in a way that protects them from being changed or damaged
    • keep most records for five years
    • you need to be able to show us your records if we ask for them
    • they must be in English or easily converted to English.

    Records you may need to keep include:

    • BPAY or PayPal records
    • tax invoices for purchases over $82.50
    • stocktake records
    • a list of creditors and debtors
    • wages records (including directors' fees)
    • Super guarantee contributions paid to each employee and how they were calculated.

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