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  • Protect yourself from illegal phoenix companies

    29 January 2019

    Illegal phoenix activity is when a new company is created to continue the business of an existing company which has been deliberately liquidated to avoid paying taxes, creditors and employee entitlements.

    Knowing who you're doing business with can help you avoid illegal phoenix companies. To protect your business, you could:

    • confirm the business is registered and its ABN is valid
    • get a company report from ASIC
    • search the company and its directors online for any adverse media reports.

    Our online video will help you spot an illegal phoenix operator.

    Visit our webpage for more tips on what you can do to protect yourself and what we are doing as part of the Phoenix Taskforce to protect businesses.

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    • Protect your business from illegal phoenix activity

    Media: [Protect your business from illegal phoenix activity]http://tv.ato.gov.au/ato-tv/media?v=bd1bdiunjhxr4cExternal Link (Duration: 00:33)

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