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    22 July 2019

    Phoenix, tax evasion and black economy activity harms honest business. Make a tip-off if you know or suspect another business is behaving suspiciously, for example:

    • not reporting all income
    • paying workers cash in hand and off the books
    • not paying super
    • not lodging returns
    • overstating expenses.

    You can do this through our tip-off form on our website, the ATO app, or the Black Economy Hotline.

    Try to give us as much information about them as possible to help us, such as:

    • name
    • ABN
    • business address
    • social media details
    • details of the suspicious behaviour.

    You can remain anonymous, but it would be helpful if we can contact you for more information if needed.

    Help us keep competition fair – we all have a role to play.

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