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  • Stay smart online

    Keeping your information safe is crucial to protecting your business. With an ever-increasing amount of information stored online it's important you take precautions.

    Follow these nine essential tips to stay smart online:

    1. Passwords – Mix upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Adding multi-factor authentication improves security.
    2. System access – When an employee leaves immediately remove their access. System access by past employees is a common cause of fraud.
    3. Security updates – Keep software up to date and run weekly anti-virus and malware scans.
    4. USBs and external hard drives – Can contain malware designed to steal your information. If unsure, don’t use them.
    5. Spam filters – Help limit unsolicited messages containing malware designed to trick you into providing information or paying fraudulent invoices.
    6. Wireless networks – Don’t use public Wi-Fi for online payments or banking. Money and banking information can be easily stolen.
    7. Social media – Be aware of what you share. Keep your personal information private and know who you are interacting with.
    8. Downloads and attachments – Don't open them if you don't know the source. They may contain malicious software.
    9. Secure your devices – Never leave your computer unattended, your information can be stolen.

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