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  • Talking about the new Online services for business

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    20 April 2021

    Online services for business is replacing the Business Portal as the place for businesses to manage their tax and super obligations online. This new system was developed with business and for business.

    Leonie is a business owner who has been using the ATO’s online services for many years.

    She’s been in business ‘since paper was standard’ and has been through the earlier transitions to Business Portal, and from AUSkey to myGovID.

    When we put the call out for participants to test Online services for business, Leonie jumped at the chance to be involved.

    ‘It’s far better to be a part of the process of change as a stakeholder and provide input.

    'Online services for business is how we’ll interact with the ATO in future, so it makes sense to be part of that process,’ she said.

    Leonie is pleased with the ease of navigation within the new system.

    ‘The Business Portal was clunky’ she told us, ‘but Online services for business isn’t.

    'I like the simplicity of downloading information to CSV or HTML, and the added hyperlink to the actual lodgement saves me a lot of time and pain’.

    Leonie’s advice to those who haven’t switched to Online services for business yet?

    ‘Do it! It’s simple and easy, and no different to using your other online services, like internet banking, social media or email.’

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