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  • A new way to invoice in the new year


    6 December 2021

    e-Invoicing is the new fast and easy way to automatically send and receive invoices in your software. It doesn't rely on email and attachments, such as PDF files.

    Benefits of e-Invoicing include:

    • saving time and money by reducing manual data entry, as invoices appear in your software, ready to be paid
    • not having to fix errors, or chase missing information or lost invoices
    • getting paid faster, improving your cash flow
    • reducing the risk of scams and fraud
    • supporting the environment by reducing printed records.

    Talk to your preferred software provider or trusted adviser about how to get started. There are a number of 'e-Invoicing-ready' products available, including free or low-cost solutions.

    You can only send e-Invoices to businesses that are registered on the e=Invoicing network. Let your trading partners know you're registered and encourage them to get started, so you can all reap the benefits.

    e-Invoices are transmitted securely by approved ATO service providers. Although we administer the network, we can’t access or view your invoices.

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