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  • Time is running out to apply for your director ID


    16 November 2022

    Directors of companies in Australia need to apply by 30 November for their director identification number (director ID).

    It's your responsibility to get a director ID, so don’t wait for 30 November, apply nowExternal Link. It's free to apply and you must apply for your own director ID.

    The fastest way to apply is online.

    Use your myGovID app with at least a Standard identity strength to log in to ABRS online to start your director ID application. A Strong identity strength will reduce the number of identity documents you'll need to complete your director ID application.

    If you don't have the myGovID app, download it from the App Store or Google Play, enter your personal details and prove who you are by verifying your identity documents.

    Watch our director ID demonstration videoExternal Link for details on how to access the director ID online application, what you need to apply and to see the application steps.

    If you've already applied, you don't need to contact us. Once you receive your director ID, keep it safe until you need to use it. It can be shared with your accountant, company secretary, agent or tax professional.

    If you run your business as a sole-trader, you don't need a director ID.

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