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    We received over 27,000 tip-offs to our Tax Integrity Centre in the first half of this financial year. The 15,000 tip-offs we received in the first quarter was a record-breaking number. The top tip-off categories have been:

    • not declaring income
    • demanding cash from customers
    • someone’s lifestyle does not appear to match their income level
    • not reporting sales
    • employer avoids reporting correct wages.

    Tip-offs are a vital source of information when we need to investigate someone who is illegally operating in the black economy. If you know or suspect a business is taking part in phoenix, tax evasion or black economy activities, you can make a tip-off by:

    • using our online form
    • phoning the Black Economy Hotline on 1800 060 062.

    Businesses that deliberately do the wrong thing put others at an unfair disadvantage. Everyone should play fair and meet their tax and super obligations.

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