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  • Travelled for business?

    15 September 2020  

    Make the most of your deductions by working out your travel expenses before you lodge your tax return.

    If you travel or have travelled for your business, you may be wondering which expenses you can claim in your tax return. You might want to know if you can claim for expenses such as:

    • car hire fees or using your own car
    • accommodation
    • meals for overnight travel
    • sightseeing and entertainment
    • souvenirs and gifts
    • taking a family member on the trip.

    Our Small business travel expenses fact sheet will help you answer common questions about:

    • which expenses you can and can't claim
    • separating the private and business portions of expenses
    • records you need to keep
    • how to keep a travel diary.

    If your employees travel for your business, your business can claim the expenses as a deduction if you 've paid for the travel expenses. Fringe benefits tax may apply if your business pays for or reimburses your employees for their travel expenses.

    While COVID-19 has greatly affected our current environment, remember help is available if you need it. Contact us or your registered tax agent if you need help with your tax.

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