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  • Untangling the web

     Untangling the web

    3 June 2016

    This article has been updated.

    More small businesses are using a website to reach their customers. We understand how important this investment is for growing your business. If you pay for a website for your business, here are some things to remember about claiming the costs so you don’t miss out.

    Claiming website costs

    There are different ways of claiming a deduction for the cost of acquiring or developing your website. Depending on the cost, you’ll either be able to claim the full deduction in that year, or you’ll need to claim it over a number of years.

    Claiming ongoing running and maintenance costs

    You can also claim an outright deduction for some ongoing expenses associated with running and maintaining your website, such as domain name registration fees and server hosting costs.

    Draft ruling released

    We released Draft ruling TR 2016/D1 Income tax: deductibility of expenditure on a commercial website costs on 6 April 2016 for public comment. Invitations for public comment have now closed.

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