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  • Your guide to tax time

    12 July 2022

    We’ve published a new small business tax time toolkit for 2022 to help you during tax time and throughout the year.

    Find updated links to useful information, tools, calculators, learning resources and other support and services.

    You can also find updated and new small business fact sheets on what you need to do when:

    • claiming home-based business expenses
    • claiming motor vehicle expenses
    • claiming travel expenses
    • claiming digital product expenses
    • using business money and assets
    • pausing or permanently closing your business.

    In addition, there is information on COVID-19 and fringe benefits tax, and new fact sheets for primary producers on:

    • landcare and riparian maintenance – expenses
    • preventing and preparing for fire emergencies – expenses
    • tree farming (forestry operations) – income and expenses.

    If you have employees, our occupation-specific guides for individuals may help them understand what they need to report as well as what they can claim as a deduction.

    We hope you find our guides helpful.

    Remember, registered tax agents can help you with your tax.

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