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  • Are you using the correct business industry code?

    11 June 2019

    A business industry code is something you put on your tax return to describe the main activity of your business. It’s important you are using the right code so your return is lodged in the correct category. This will help:

    • avoid delays in the processing of your return
    • reduce the risk of being incorrectly targeted for compliance activities
    • ensure you receive services and information relevant for your business type.

    Your main business activity can change over time as you grow and diversify. For example, your code will be different if your business:

    • makes bread
    • makes cakes and pastries
    • makes bread, cakes and pastries and you sell them in your shop.

    The business industry code tool can help you find the correct code for your business in a few simple steps. Check your code before you lodge your tax return. If you use a registered tax agent, let them know if it has changed.

    Once you have the right code, you can also use small business benchmarks to see how well you’re performing compared to competitors in your industry.

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