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  • Check your AUSkey browser compatibility

    Check your AUSkey browser compatibility

     06 April 2017

    Some internet browsers have updated recently, which may mean they aren't compatible with AUSkey.

    We recommend you check that your browser is still compatible with AUSkey before you need to log into our online services, such as the Business Portal. This ensures you’re ready for your next lodgment date.

    You may need to download an extension for your preferred browser. For example, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (version 52) doesn’t support AUSkey. To continue using AUSkey, you’ll need to download the Firefox browser extension or use an alternative browser.

    If you’re having trouble, AUSkey help and support is a good place to get help with registering, installing and managing your AUSkey. If you can’t find what you‘re looking for, you can also contact the Technical Helpdesk for support.

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