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  • Do you know your business industry code?

    Do you know your business industry code?

    10 July 2015

    Reporting the correct code on your income tax return can help prevent delays in processing it. Why not use our tool to get the right code quickly and easily?

    What’s a business industry code?

    A business industry code is a five-digit code that you must use on tax returns and schedules.

    Why do I need to get it right?

    Using the correct code means:

    • you may avoid delays in processing your tax return
    • you receive information and advice relevant to your business
    • you can compare how your business is performing against others in your industry using the small business benchmarks.

    Being inside the benchmarks means you’re less likely to be contacted by us.

    What if I have more than one business?

    When preparing your income tax return select your main business activity and indicate that you are operating multiple businesses.

    Use our Business industry code tool

    Use our Business industry code tool to check you are using the correct industry code for your business. The tool allows you to search by your main business activity to find the correct code.

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