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  • Lodging a tax return for your business

    14 September 2017

    If you are a sole trader, partnership, trust, or company, you have a choice in how to lodge your tax return.

    How do you lodge your tax return?

    You can lodge:

    • online with myTax if you're a sole trader
    • using standard business reporting (SBR) enabled software if you're a company, trust or partnership
    • by paper
    • through a registered tax agent
      • contact them before 31 October if you haven't lodged with them before
      • check they are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.

    Make sure you check your return before it's lodged, even if you use a tax agent.

    When is your tax return due?

    If you lodge:

    • through a tax agent, they will tell you when your return is due
    • the return yourself as a sole trader, partnership or trust, your tax return is due by 31 October
    • as a company, you will need to check the due date. If you have any outstanding returns, the due date will be 31 October.

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