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  • Loss carry back tax offset tool now available


    25 November 2021

    Loss carry back (LCB) provides a refundable tax offset that users may be eligible to claim in their 2021 or 2022 company tax return.

    If you’re looking to claim the LCB tax offset, our new interactive tool can help. You can use the LCB tax offset tool to:

    • confirm your eligibility to claim the tax offset
    • calculate the maximum tax offset amount you are entitled to
    • display the LCB labels you need to fill out when completing your company tax return.

    The tool steps you through the eligibility criteria using a series of simple tick-box-style questions. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be asked a further series of questions to help calculate the maximum tax offset amount you can claim.

    The tool will provide you with a printable report that you can keep for your records. This report will help you complete your company tax return as it displays each label you need to complete to make your claim.

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