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  • More time to lodge and pay your activity statement

    7 September 2017

    You may qualify for extra time to lodge and pay your quarterly activity statement if you lodge it online:

    • using our online services for sole traders (you will need a myGov account)
    • through our Business Portal
    • directly from your Standard Business Reporting enabled software.

    You will also get more time to lodge and pay your activity statement, if you lodge online via a registered tax or BAS agent.

    Lodging online is easy, quick and secure. It also helps you to avoid any delay in getting your refund as you will be prompted to correct simple errors while lodging. Remember to enter amounts as whole dollars – you shouldn’t include cents.

    If you can't pay on time, we can help you. Make sure you lodge your statement by the due date and phone us on 13 11 42 to discuss your circumstances. You can also set up an automated payment plan online.

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