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  • Need help resolving your tax or super dispute?

    22 June 2017

    If you have a dispute with us, we have an in-house facilitation service to help you have a productive discussion and hopefully resolve the issue.

    In-house facilitation provides an ideal environment for you to meet with the tax officer dealing with your dispute, and, with the assistance of an independent and impartial facilitator:

    • identify what the issues are
    • develop options and consider alternatives
    • attempt to reach a solution.

    The facilitator, who is professionally trained in facilitative mediation, won't establish facts, take sides, give advice or decide who is right or wrong. They are simply there to guide the process and keep communication open.

    You can request facilitation or it may be offered to you, however there is no obligation to participate.

    You can also withdraw from the facilitation at any time, and your rights of review will be unaffected if the dispute has not been resolved.

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