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  • Paid a tradie, cleaner or courier contractor?

    25 September 2019

    If you've paid a tradie, cleaner or courier contractor to help in the last year, you might need to lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR).

    You may need to lodge a TPAR if your business:

    • is primarily in the building and construction industry and paid contractors to provide building and construction services – including carpentry, engineering, architects and consultants.
    • provides cleaning or courier services and paid contractors to provide these services on your behalf.

    The 2019 TPAR was due 28 August 2019.

    Haven’t lodged yet? You can lodge online - it:

    • is quick, easy and secure
    • ensures you complete the report correctly
    • gives you an online confirmation once your report is lodged.

    You also have the option of lodging on paper.

    Made a mistake?

    If your report was lodged online using business software that offers TPAR, you can generate an amended report using your software.

    If you lodged differently, you can amend the report through:

    • the TPAR online form available through ATO online services for individuals and sole traders or the ATO Business Portal
    • the paper form Taxable payments annual report.

    Check out our resources to help you work out if you need to lodge and how to correct mistakes.

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