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  • Paid a tradie or other contractor to help you?

    18 June 2020

    If you've paid a tradie or other contractor for building and construction services in the last year, you might need to lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) by 28 August, if:

    • you earn 50% or more of your business income or 50% or more of your business activity is from building and construction - including carpentry, engineering, painting, plumbing and architecture
    • you pay contractors for building and construction services.

    Over 70 occupations and work activities meet our definition of 'building and construction'.

    If you're unsure whether you need to lodge a TPAR, check our list to see what's covered.

    If you claim deductions for contractor expenses in your tax return, it's likely you'll need to report.


    • Keeping good records throughout the year will make lodging your TPAR quick and simple.
    • If you have business software check if it's TPAR ready or check with your software provider. If you don’t have software, you can use our online TPAR.

    We have a free webinar available that will help you to:

    • know whether your business needs to report
    • understand how to prepare, record and report your TPAR.

    Remember, tax agents and BAS agents can help you lodge a TPAR on your behalf.

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