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  • Tax support when you need it

    7 March 2022

    If your small business is having financial difficulties and can't pay tax or super on time, support is available. We may be able to set up an affordable payment plan or offer interest-free periods for eligible overdue activity statement amounts.

    If you have an outstanding debt, are unable to meet the requirements of a payment plan, or require additional assistance, contact us for further help. We may ask for evidence that your business is experiencing financial difficulty to support your claim, such as:

    • bank notices (for example, an overdraft call)
    • an eviction notice
    • a disconnection notice
    • a repossession notice
    • a notice of impending legal action
    • staff pay records
    • contract payment schedules
    • legal documents.

    We take many factors into account when assessing a claim. Sometimes we may change our requirements depending on your circumstances.

    Even if you can’t pay on time, it’s important to keep lodgments up to date. This will give you a clear idea of your tax position and we can tailor help, such as advice, payment plans, or deferrals, to your situation.

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