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  • Tips to manage your tax and super payments

    9 August 2022

    If your business is struggling with tax and super debts, seek help as soon as you can. Save time by checking your options online without having to wait in a queue. There are several options depending on the type of debt you have and how much you owe.

    One option is a payment plan, which is a practical way to meet your obligations.

    Here are some more tips for keeping debts under control:

    • Keep track of your total tax and super debts. In Online services for business, you can search for debts that were previously put on hold and not included in your account balance. These and other debts may be offset by any credits or refunds due to you.
    • Our web content (provided below) can help you assess your options, which decrease as the debt grows. For example, we may disclose your debt to credit agencies if it's over $100,000.
    • Ask your tax professional about the Cash Flow Coaching Kit. It's a resource that can help your tax professional assist you to build your cash flow capability.

    If you’re a company director, you're personally liable for debts that are subject to director penalties. Talk to us or your trusted adviser about how to manage them.

    Reach out to us or to your tax professional, who can act on your behalf on matters such as negotiating payment plans.

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