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  • Casual employees may be entitled to super

    12 December 2017

    Employing casual workers provides businesses with an increased level of flexibility. However, it's important to remember that casual employees may be entitled to super.

    Here's the basics:

    • You may need to pay super guarantee (SG) regardless of whether your employee is full-time, part-time or casual.
    • If you pay your employee $450 or more (before tax) in a calendar month, you have to pay SG on top of their wages.
    • If your employee is under 18 they must also work for more than 30 hours per week to qualify for SG.

    Super guarantee is currently calculated at 9.5% of a casual employee’s ordinary time earnings. This includes their wage plus any casual or shift loadings for ordinary hours of work. It also includes commissions and some allowances, but it doesn't include overtime payments.

    Use our SG eligibility tool to work out if your casual workers are eligible for super.

    If you use the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) to make payments for your employees, the way you access this service is changing. From February 2018, the SBSCH will join our online services. Watch our webinar recording, to help your business with the change.

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