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  • Did you pay your employees’ super on time?


    7 November 2022

    Employee super guarantee (SG) contributions for the quarter ending 30 September were due by 28 October.

    If you didn't pay the correct amount of SG to your employees' super funds in full and on time, you will need to pay the SG charge (SGC). You need to:

    • lodge an SGC statement to us by 28 November to avoid additional penalties
    • pay the SGC to us.

    Remember, there have been some changes since the last quarter that started on 1 July 2022. These were:

    • the rate increased from 10% to 10.5%
    • the $450 per month threshold to be eligible for super was removed.

    Your employees no longer need to be paid $450 per month to be eligible for super. Super is now paid regardless of the amount earnt. All existing SG eligibility rules remain the same. This includes employees under 18 who still need to work more than 30 hours in a week. Use the SG eligibility tool to work out if you have to pay super for your employees.

    Remember to apply these changes to all the salary and wages you've paid from 1 July, even if some of the pay period worked was before 1 July.

    If you didn’t incorporate the changes in your calculations you will need to lodge an SGC statement and pay the SGC to us.

    If you need help working out your super obligations, speak to your tax professional.

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