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  • International affairs

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    Overseas aid fund


    A public fund that a Treasury minister has declared, by notice in the Gazette, to be a developing country relief fund. Such funds are solely for the relief of people in developing countries.

    The public fund must be either:

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    Gift condition – a Treasury minister's declaration must be in force at the time the gift is made.

    Developed country disaster relief fund


    A public fund established and maintained by a registered public benevolent institution solely to provide funds for the relief (including relief by way of assistance to re-establish a community) of people in a developed country other than Australia who are in distress as a result of a disaster that is recognised by a Treasury minister as a disaster.

    See also

    The public fund must be either:

    • set up and controlled by a registered PBI, if a separate entity
    • operated by a registered PBI.

    Gift condition – gifts must be made within two years from the date of the disaster as specified in the Treasury minister's declaration.

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