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  • Changes to your organisation or fund

    If your organisation or fund changes its name or status, you should immediately contact DFAT to find out if the changes will affect your organisation's status as a DGR.

    Changes to the organisation's name

    If your organisation changes its name and DFAT considers the re-named organisation to be the same organisation as that approved previously, you will not need to apply for a new approval as the previous approval still applies. If there is more than an organisation name change involved, you may need to seek a new organisation approval from the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

    Changes to the overseas aid fund's name

    If you want to change the name of your fund, you will have to contact DFAT to organise for the Treasurer to declare, in the Government Notices Gazette (or Special Notices Gazette) the 'new' fund is a developing country relief fund under the OAGDS. The Treasurer will also have to revoke the 'old' fund.

    Tax deductible donations cannot be made to the 'new' fund until it has been gazetted and your organisation has been endorsed as a DGR for the fund. If the 'new' fund is not gazetted and your organisation is not endorsed as a DGR for the fund before the 'old' fund ceases, it will not be able to receive any surplus money or assets from the 'old' fund.

    Your overseas aid fund ceases to operate

    If your organisation's overseas aid fund is wound up or ceases to exist, you should ask us to revoke the fund as an eligible fund under the OAGDS.

    We will also revoke your organisation's DGR endorsement in relation to the fund.

    Any surplus money or assets held in the fund must be transferred to another overseas aid fund endorsed as a DGR, in accordance with the founding documents of the fund.

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