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  • Reconstruction or critical repair

    A war memorial repair fund can provide its money only to reconstruct or make critical repairs to the eligible war memorial. The need for the reconstruction or critical repair must be significant. For example, if:

    • a failure to repair the damage could significantly endanger public safety
    • a failure to repair the damage could significantly compromise the structural integrity of the memorial
    • the memorial is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired.


    The Brownville Memorial bridge is a small ornamental bridge, which spans an artificial stream in the town's memorial gardens. The bridge was built in remembrance of the defence force personnel lost in the Vietnam War and is only used for commemoration activities. A part of the bridge's supporting structure sustained severe damage from a lightning strike. The bridge is now unsafe to cross and is a risk to public safety. The memorial is in need of critical repair.

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    While the need for reconstruction or critical repair might arise from events such as fire, vandalism, flooding or earthquake, it might also arise from the memorial falling into disrepair over time.

    Examples that would not amount to reconstruction or critical repair include:

    • maintenance
    • routine repairs
    • repairs that are desirable but not essential
    • construction of a new memorial
    • improvements to an existing memorial
    • extension or expansion of a memorial.


    In situations where there is doubt about whether planned works qualify as reconstruction or critical repair; the professional advice provided by a builder, engineer or architect may assist.

    If work being done on a war memorial includes work that is not reconstruction or critical repair (such as extensions), the fund can only provide money for the reconstruction or critical repair (not the extensions).

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    Use the following checklist to work out if your fund is a war memorial repair fund.


    Is your fund a registered charity or an Australian government agency?


    Is your fund a public fund?


    Is your fund established and maintained solely to provide money for critical repair and reconstruction of a war memorial?


    Is the war memorial located in Australia?


    Does the war memorial commemorate events in a conflict in which Australia was involved, or commemorate people (most of whom are Australian) who participated on Australia's behalf in a conflict?


    Is the war memorial a focus for public commemorations of these events or people?


    Is the war memorial used solely or mainly for public commemorations?

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