• State and local government requirements

    What are the state government requirements for fundraising activities?

    The states and territories have their own laws regulating fundraising activities of non-profit organisations. Fundraising activities that are regulated include public collections, raffles, bingo and art unions.

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    To find out what types of fundraising activities are regulated, what permits or approvals are required and other issues see the State and territory government requirements chapter of Fundraising (NAT 13095).

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    What are the local government requirements for fundraising activities?

    Local government authorities regulate the use of public places. Public places can include theatres, parks, beaches, sporting grounds, streets, libraries and public galleries.

    If a non-profit organisation wants to conduct fundraising activities in a public place, it should contact the local council in its area to find out the requirements that must be met.

    Requirements will vary from council to council but generally they can include:

    • providing evidence of public liability insurance cover for the event, sufficient security and adequate toilet facilities
    • obtaining permits for the preparation and sale of food on site, the operation of electrical equipment and the sale of alcohol
    • providing evidence that any rides (for example, jumping castles or merry-go-rounds) comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

    The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) is a national representative of local government authorities.

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    A complete list of local government authorities can be found on ALGA's website, at www.alga.asn.auExternal Link

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