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  • Australian Capital Territory

    Fundraising in the Australian Capital Territory is regulated by:

    • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
    • Access Canberra.

    These regulators have provided the information in this section.

    ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

    What types of fundraising activities are regulated?

    The relevant legislation is the Lotteries Act 1964. While the definition of 'lottery' is broad, fundraising activities regulated by the Commission are primarily raffles, housie (bingo) and, to a lesser degree, calcuttas.

    What permits or approvals are required?

    Generally, a permit is required to conduct the abovementioned activities. There may be exceptions where either:

    • the organisation is NFP and the prize value is less than $500
    • a club/association wants to conduct a lottery among members only and there is no external advertising.

    A copy of Information and conditions for each fundraising activity is available on the Commission's website (see below).

    Other issues to consider

    For housie applications, the Commission may also need to consider provisions under the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002. A copy is available on the Commission's website.

    To contact the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission:

    Access Canberra

    What types of fundraising activities are regulated?

    In the ACT, all types of collections made for charitable purposes are regulated by the Charitable Collections Act 2003. Collections include money or goods donated or sold. They include personal door-to-door and public place collections, collection bins, collections by telephone, written appeals, internet and other forms of electronic communication.

    What permits or approvals are required?

    Unless exempt, collecting for charity requires a licence. A licence application form is available on Access Canberra's website (see below).

    Do you need a licence?

    You must have a licence (or be included on the licence of a current licensee) if you intend to conduct a collection within the ACT that is not exempt under the Charitable Collections Act 2003. For more information, visit Access Canberra's website.

    Exempt collections

    For some types of collections the Charitable Collections Act 2003 provides exemption from the requirement to be licensed.

    The following are declared not to be a collection:

    • where money is received by a school and is a genuine fee or charge by the school for educational purposes, or a voluntary contribution to the school for educational purposes that is solicited or received from a person with parental responsibility for a child who is enrolled at the school
    • where the collection is less than $15,000 in a financial year, or
    • where the collection is undertaken by an organisation accredited by AusAID.

    We recommend that you visit Access Canberra's website for charitable collections in the ACT. The site provides access to a greater level of information on the licensing and reporting requirements under the Act, and provides easy access to all forms required by applicants and/or licensees in meeting the obligations under the Act.

    To contact Access Canberra:

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