• $2 or more

    If a donor makes a gift of money of $2 or more they may be able to claim a tax deduction. Money includes foreign currency and can be paid to the DGR in various ways, including by cash, cheque, credit card or electronically.

    They can add together a series of gifts to a DGR in an income year to work out whether their gift is $2 or more.

    Example – Adding up small donations

    For the last 20 weeks of the income year, Elizabeth participated in a workplace giving program. She had $1.50 deducted from her weekly pay. Her employer sent the money to the DGR weekly.

    Elizabeth can claim $30 as a gift deduction on her tax return for that income year. While each gift to the DGR is $1.50, her total gift to the DGR that income year is $2 or more.

    End of example

    Your donors need to consider the following points:

    • To be tax deductible, their gift must be made to a made to a DGR.
    • They can donate a gift of money to any DGRs (except for gifts to the Australian Government for Artbank).
    • The gift deduction they can claim is the amount of money they donate to a DGR.
    • They need to make sure they have correct records.
    • They claim the tax deduction in the income year in which they made the donation.
    • The deduction cannot add to or create a tax loss. However, they can make a written election to spread the tax deduction.
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