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  • First NFP Stewardship Group meeting for 2019

    The first meeting for 2019, held by video conference on 28 February, was a successful and engaging discussion. Topics included:

    • the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) shared news about the new charity portal and streamlined reporting arrangements
    • the NFP Communication update promoted a range of webinars covering:
      • Fringe benefit tax (March)
      • School building funds (April)
      • Animal Welfare Charities (June)
    • tow the improved Not-for-profit newsroom has been updated to provide more timely and tailored information
    • the extension of the Register of Cultural Organisations to include organisations promoting indigenous languages, meaning gifts to these organisations are now tax deductible.

    Thank you to ACNC Assistant Commissioner and General Counsel Murray Baird for your significant contribution to the group over many years.

    Welcome to Mel Yates, the Director of Reporting, Red Tape Reduction and Corporate Services as the ACNC's new representative.

    The meeting also saw a change to the ATO's representation, with Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Moltisanti replacing Assistant Commissioner Kate Roff as the NFP client experience lead.

    If you have any feedback and suggestions for the group email

    This helps us better understand the issues impacting you and improve your interactions with the tax and super system.

    For further information and more detail:

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